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The Truth About “Healthy Eating” (2014-11-24)

Commonly Accepted Health Guidelines: Low calorie is healthier – Truth: Quantity of calories doesn’t matter nearly as much as QUALITY Low fat is healthier – Truth: Fat is required for cell membrane structure, hormones, energy production, memory and so much more! Plus, when sacrificing fat, flavor is also sacrificed, so sugar is often added to […]

Enjoy the Sun! (Review of Vitamin D Benefits) (2014-11-24)

Review of Vitamin D articles – Megan C Taylor, ND (written while NCNM Student) Sun Exposure: Not only Beneficial, but Necessary For many years the effect of vitamin D in cancer prevention has been established. However, due to the multi-factorial nature of tumor development, it has been difficult to absolutely, conclusively, and scientifically demonstrate this […]

Dietary Culture & DNA (2014-11-24)

The advent of agriculture was the greatest contributor to the alteration of the “standard” way of life. I’ll explain… Pre-Agriculture: ┬áPredominantly nomadic lifestyles, exposed to elements and dangers, with significant physical investment to obtain, grow, and harvest food. They hunted animals whose meat was both lean and fatty, and foraged for nuts, seeds, berries, leaves […]

From Graduation to Starting a Practice (2014-11-24)

It has been a long time since posting. I have debated the focus of this site for a while – educational versus informative, articles and health-relevant posts versus personal struggles and accomplishments associated with the adventures of life and starting a practice… I still haven’t decided, so I’ll do both. My last post was just […]