From Graduation to Starting a Practice

It has been a long time since posting. I have debated the focus of this site for a while – educational versus informative, articles and health-relevant posts versus personal struggles and accomplishments associated with the adventures of life and starting a practice… I still haven’t decided, so I’ll do both.

My last post was just after graduation. Honestly, that was an accomplishment I was becoming very skeptical would even happen, but I’m so grateful for. It has been said a lot, but I know this to be true, that without the unconditional love and support of my family and of partners along the way, it would not have happened. Apparently it takes a village to raise a doctor as well.

After graduation I studied many hours a day for the board exam to be licensed (August 2013), with all the guides I had. I struggled to memorize the keynotes and “quirks” of each of the major homeopathic remedies. As a result of failing to pass that section of the board exam, I failed overall. (I would like to note, that in school I learned to respect the depth of each remedy enough to research each patient individually and not to try and prescribe off the cuff based on a few interesting aspects of the case – but oh well, I suppose its the only way they can feasibly test our knowledge.) This failure was another huge devastation, which only deepened my insecurity of potential success. However, I knew I had one last shot at passing boards before it was out of my hands and all was lost. For me, for my family, for my partner, I picked myself up and started studying again. I had received the breakdown of scores per section, so the second time around I knew where my weaknesses were, and focused on those, without ignoring the other areas being tested. I retested in February 2014 and passed!

I began searching for a place to start practicing and came across Bella Vita Spa & Wellness and contacted them. They called back, set up a meeting, and almost immediately I found a cohesion of ideals for the clinic that excited me. A combination of health, wellness and beauty from the inside out. Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Massage, Counseling, Yoga/exercise classes, juice bar and cafe, community education space, laser hair removal, botox, facial treatments, etc. Whatever dis-ease one might have could be restored to balance here.

I started at Bella Vita Spa & Wellness in July 2014 and initially worked toward setting up the space and obtaining all necessary numbers, insurances and licensing to practice. I saw my first patient in September, but it continued to be incredibly slow as we were figuring out advertising and marketing, while finishing up gathering practitioners and putting updated finishing touches on the facility itself. We still aren’t quite done with all the spaces, but very nearly so.

I am looking forward to continuously learning – in life and in health – lessons to grow stronger and to help others do the same! Many more adventures are on the horizon and I am bracing myself to face them head on!

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